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FREE 50g Vegan Friendly Matcha Green Tea

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FREE Vegan Friendly Matcha Green Tea

Yes that's right, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY we are giving away this 50g Matcha Green Tea for free! All we ask is that you cover shipping and handling costs.

Our Premium Grade Matcha is organically grown at the foot of the Ziwu mountains (added is a picture of the location on a map). The location is very far from all of the Chinese industrial districts.

No chemicals that encourage the growth process are used, they grow as naturally as possible. There is no radiation in this region and farmers regularly measure it, to make sure that it is safe.

Our Matcha is made exclusively out of thoroughly selected leaves, which contain the highest amount of L-Theanine and are only of the highest quality.


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Please allow 2-4 weeks delivery due to high demand! These items ship from our international warehouse