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Luxury Bamboo Green Tea Powder Whisk - 50% OFF!

$9.99 $19.99


For a LIMITED TIME ONLY we are giving away this Luxury Bamboo Whisk 50% OFF!

Tea culture is a very noble culture, tea as taste of life, the taste of life and normal.

 Using a Bamboo Whisk to prepare your Green Team is the most authentic way to help prepare, and consume, your Green Tea which is full of anti oxidants and helps boost not only your immune system but boost fat loss also.

This Bamboo Whisk is made of pure bambo and is cruelty free.Material: bamboo 

BEWARE: Our products are of the HIGHEST QUALITY and that inferior products bought from other sites could not be of the same high quality.

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Details Below:
Material: Bamboo
Size: 10cm x 5.5cm
Fringe: 64